Chicago Economic Issues: Undocumented Minors

Viator House of Hospitality in Chicago’s northwest suburbs provides a bridge for undocumented minors who turn 18 while awaiting their asylum hearing. Rabbi Lauren Henderson and Changiz Geula of the Chicago Bahá’í Community offer insight from their traditions on immigration, migration, and refugees. All music provided by Poddington Bear.

Chicago Economic Issues: Workforce

Chicago is a microcosm for economic justice and race issues nationwide. This short season highlights four issues: workforce, incarceration, immigration, and childcare.

Carrie Thomas executive director of the Chicago Jobs Council outlines some of Chicago's greatest workforce challenges glossed over by record low unemployment. Rabbi Ike Serotta, Pastor David Watkins, and Imam Abdul-Malik Ryan respond.  All music provided by Poddington Bear.


As we approach the end of the calendar year, most of us will be flooded with requests for year end donations, but what difference does donating make to the world around us or for ourselves?Our conversation features Kashif Shaikh Executive Director of the Pillars Fund and David King, Karen Lake Buttrey Director, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving and Assistant Professor, Philanthropic Studies at the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.  Our panel includes Rabbi Bruce Elder of Congregation Hakafa; Dr. Kimberly Lymore of St. Sabina's; and Karen Danielson of the Mosque Foundation.